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Privacy Policy

Beyond Financial Understands the importance of protecting your personal information. Visitors of our site can confidently submit information with the understanding that we will not  divulge personal data to  affiliates, partners or unauthorized parties without written consent. Information delivered through this site is understood to be intended for the purpose of communicating with Beyond Financial. Your demographics; name, email and phone number will only be shared with the designated internal recipient.

E.g. for corporate tax accounting  service you will sign an authorization form permitting the release of information to a third party organization which would be the IRS or a contracted agent of Beyond Financial providing the services that you wish to receive. 

Refund Policy

We believe in long-term customers, we guarantee our services 100% If you are not fully satisfied we will correct the problem free of charge to your satisfaction. We do not offer refunds at this time.

Delivery Policy

Some services are delivered at point of sale however, others may be initiated but will not be fulfilled for 7-14 business days and even longer for some service requests.

Please inquire regarding your service of interest.

Terms and conditions

All requests for products and services require signatory consent before delivery of service.

Client must be 18 years of age or represented by a legal guardian.

Payment must be received before service is established.

Service requests may be forfeited in the occurrence of late payments on installment agreement plans. Client has a 30 day grace period and thereafter services may be cancelled.

A client of Beyond Financial is a customer obtaining services.

A Member of Beyond Financial is a company that is promoted by Beyond Financial and also obtaining services from Beyond Financial.


Beyond Financial generally will not request your card number by phone, the only agents authorized to do so are listed below:

Chloe Hammed - Beyond Financial Paralegal /Director/ Administrator

Amber Cook-Beyond Financial Receivables Manager

Brandi Scott -Beyond Financial Senior Account Manager

Payments Processed by our organization appear on bank statements as Beyond Financial.

If you are skeptical about the call that you have received please disconnect the call and dial 1888-472-4320 to confirm that the caller is an actual representative of our organization.