Beyond an Act of Kindness

Non-Profit Organization

 Job Training  and Referral Services

Beyond an Act of Kindness Inc.

Beyond an Act of Kindness is a Non-Profit Affiliate of  The Georgian Investors Forum. Their mission is to protect minority consumers and end poverty one family at a time. This Organization provides discount financial services, consumer protection, employment preparedness  training with job recommendations and transportation assistance for qualified associates.  This organization offers these services and much more. For information about other services and resources offered by our non-profit affiliate


 Expert Financial S‚Äčervices

Beyond Financial 

Beyond Financial provides Financial Services such as Credit Counseling,  Financial Planning, and Income tax book keeping services  for consumers and small corporations. This organization helps convert  individual citizens into successful candidates for small business credit consultations. Please call us today for more information about Beyond Financials' Consumer Services. 

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     Mediation Services

Richardson Braswell and Associates

Richardson Braswell and Associates is a Mediation firm that provides assistance with pre legal matters. They educate your respondent on all available options in order to avoid what could be a pricey and inconvenient court ordered judgment.

Contact Richardson Braswell and Associates at 470-300-9926