About Us

Welcome to Beyond Financial

Beyond Financial is a licensed, full service debt collections agency that prides itself on helping companies realize increased revenue and profitability. We specialize in consumer, commercial, medical, legal and retail debt collection services. Beyond Financial provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of accounts receivables management, business process outsourcing, and receivables finance and purchasing.

Our goal is 100% Client satisfaction. Beyond Financials' services are extended on a contingency bases, which means our clients don't pay us until we recover their invoice. On average, we liquidate 37-40% of accounts receivable portfolios within the first 90 days of placement. Our agency can handle any size balance or number of accounts.

Our new hire training is one-of-a kind. Beyond Financial utilizes state-of-the-art computer software, trains every employee extensively, and uses one-on-one call and skip trace training. We ensure responsible debt collection practices by utilizing call monitoring tools which simplifies the process of enforcing compliance.

Express Asset Recovery Systems has a professional client services department with over 13 years combined experience. Our goal is to improve cash flow, strategically placing your accounts with the appropriate collector based on the style of collections required for your portfolio.

 Our experienced staff is located in Marietta, GA