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Customized Collections Approach

With all of our collective experience and analysis, we recognize that the intent to collect a debt will remain constant, but it is immensely ineffective to approach every debtor with the same style. Ask about our many collections styles and approaches today!

Medical Debt Collections

Our Medical Debt Specialist have extensive knowledge of the Revenue Cycle Management process. Please rest assured that your accounts will not only be handled professionally but we possess the resources to inspire your patients to maintain communications with our offices. 

Retail Debt Collection Services

We liquidate retail credit cards and unpaid invoices for spa memberships, jewelry, rental contracts, fitness memberships and more at record rates of 40% within 90 days of placement. Give us a test run to prove it!

Legal Debt Collection Services

Not all customers are the same and at times further action is required. Although a law suit is not the ideal route when in pursuit of liquidating debt sometimes a judgment is the only way to go. We have an inhouse attorney.


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